Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Whooo -eeee, but I am a slacker! I have not written in here in ages not because I have not done anything or made anything but life has a way of speeding by like lightening! Many changes are afoot in the shop. Cathy has left us ( sob! ) and moved back to Montana to be with family. We have welcomed Amy aboard to work four days a week and Rachel will be our weekend knitter. Both bring many talents to the shop. I will also be on standby, mostly in the bead shop but on hand to help with knitty questions, pithy comments and a friendly atta girl or guy.

New yarn is arriving almost daily and we are all thrilled with the KnitPicks needles and crochet hooks. We are pretty active on Facebook and Pinterest has become a major time suck but we love it anyhow.

Summer seems to have finally arrived and I am going to at long last make something out of cotton yarn. What? I haven't the faintest idea but since we are continuing Monday Knit Nites through the summer, I am sure something will come along!

Felted chicken balls, er, characters! 
Come say hello to our staff and fondle the yarns! You know we are open EVERY DAY! xo, Lois

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Anonymous said...

Hey do you have any of these chickens for sale in the yarn shop? They are just too cute.