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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I am thinking of all the people in Oklahoma displaced and injured in the giant tornado that struck the town of Moore, Oklahoma. I am so sorry that it happened and heart broken over the loss of lives and disruption of their days. A disruption that will last a long time.

When I am stressed, deeply troubled and feeling overwhelmed, it helps me to knit. I am calmed, contented and clear headed as I sit down to knit. I am thinking of all the knitters and crafters there that have lost their projects. How they must long to reach for them in this horribly stressful time. I think of the moms and dads who settle their children for the night and would reach for their knitting to have a few centering moments for themselves. I am sorry for this loss too. I wonder how I can help. I would love to send yarn and needles to Oklahoma but it is likely too early in the chaos to send off this comfort. In the meantime, I will knit and pray and send comforting thoughts to all the citizens and crafters of this area. Later on, I will find a way to donate yarn. Donating the comfort of the familiar stitch, the welcoming project, the becalmed moment.