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Monday, April 29, 2013

Much new sock yarn has been added to our sock corner in Diva. I figure with the warmer and longer days of spring and summer, a quick, easy to carry knitting project is in order. With that reasoning in mind, I knit socks, many times the same sock pattern but different yarns. With Indulgence there are so many colors, I think I can knit all summer long! Of course, first I am taking a few weeks to detour into crocheting as a friend recovers from some surgery and needs something new to do. It has been years since I taught someone how to crochet but I am certain it will be accomplished in a mere twinkling moment! Happy Spring - we are expecting warm days the rest of this week!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

It's in the shop now baby!

For the past several months I have had a sample of boucle yarn on my office desk from Schaefer yarns. I would look at it. Fondle it. Pet it and remember the little poncho I knit from my last boucle yarn I carried in the shop. Finally, I picked the yarn up from my over worked office desk on a gray, rainy morning and called a sales rep to order. 
Amy's new crochet work from a Weezie Wear pattern.

Great color! It matches my house!

When it arrived, I once again went through the fondling and petting stage of having all this wonderful yarn in my shop and stash. 
Dreamy boucle yarn!
This week, in between wacky weather that promises to warm to 62 by the weekend, I am going to begin a project with this yarn! stop in and say hi to me in either the bead shop or the yarn shop and I'll show you what I am up to! xo, Lois

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Around the Shop

The spring yellow lobby display!

The wall of color and inspiration.

New Interlacements yarns.

The back room with lots of baby projects & yarn! 
I love the business of owning a yarn shop. I get excited and happy when I think of all the color, texture and feel of yarn. I plan on what yarn needs a swatch for the shop or what yarn I want to make something from. New yarn is the best and maybe I won't have time to do a big, complicated project but I can make a simple scarf or shawl or cowl and in doing that, I get to play with the newest of new yarns!