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Friday, February 22, 2013

Today in the yarn shop several things happened that made it a crazy day and a wonderful day. The credit card machine was invaded by trouble when the processing company experienced a system wide series of failures. That's a lot of words to say that the swipe machine would not process a credit card. Seventy five minutes later, we had a machine that was sort of fixed. After stomping my feet in a little snit of balled up anger ( get it? yarn balls? ball of anger? ) it managed to spring to life and work! Ta da!

Rebekah has officially joined the staff and will be taking Amy's position while she returns to full time family life with the new baby she is expecting anytime after tomorrow. Wonderful!

I also wound yarn into a ball to begin a new crocheting project while on the phone for those 75 minutes! It calmed me and inspired me all at once.

Finally, I have begun the sample made from The Wooly Lady, wool felt kits we have in the shop. This is the first evening of adding the edging to the floral shapes. I am rather liking this hand work!