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Monday, April 13, 2020

Is This Happening?

All this knitting and crafting time? Is it for real? I have actually in This stay home time, been doing a lot of knitting, crocheting and stitch work. Work that I can do not only as shop samples, but just for fun! I have all the basics done in knitting & crocheting swatch samples of new yarns and as you might have guessed, new yarns will again be coming in when the stay home time has wound done. I will leave you today with a few things I have finished and I have to say, I enjoyed it all. I am hoping that you are also finding peace, relaxation and joy in creating.
Lots of drawings that will become needlepoint  canvases.

Hat project nearly done. Swan’s Island Yarn.

A felted wool banner for our doorway.

Left on our door by an anonymous customer.❤️