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Sunday, January 26, 2014

A year or so ago, I read the Book Knitting Through It, stories on how knitting have helped people, especially the women in the book, to deal with the many things going on in their lives. From tragedies to moments of triumph, knitting kept them sane, and increased their ability to cope. Now, as I parent my child into his adult years, I too, find myself knitting through it. Knitting is my buddy. The calming aspect of yarn and needles flowing through my fingers, relaxes me, centers me, focuses me. Challenges have always caused me to rise to the occasion but now, rather than carry around a stuffed animal ( although there are days I wish I could and not be thought of as " touched " ) or my worn little blankie, I have my knitting. The peaceful looping of yarn, the soft sound of the needles, the rustle of the knitting bag; all bring me full circle into myself and again, I can rise to any challenge with a calmness that even those around me need.