Monday, July 16, 2012


This weekend I exhibited and sold at a bead show in Tacoma. When people asked me if I had a shop; I would say yes, I have both the bead and yarn store in Port Townsend. Often, way more often than I wanted to hear it, people would say things like: " oh, my local yarn store just closed " or " my mom and I would shop every weekend for projects but that store is closed now " and then again, " I remember getting my yarn from the cutest shop but it's gone now ". All of this conversation struck fear in my heart and made me realize that my love of yarn and fiber has to be contagious. I want my little yarn shop to survive and even thrive in this economy. I am frightened to the bottom of my knitting basket when I think of all the things customers said about their local shops closing.... on a wing and a prayer and good pair of knitting needles, I will survive.

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