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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Figuring Out Being Open Again

We are working hard to keep Diva open as many hours and days as possible while keeping ourselves safe and respecting our very minimal staffing at this time. It is our hope to remain open on Thursdays, Fridays and Mondays, 11-5:30. As the pandemic stays in our area, even with the arrival of visitors and remains low in incidences, we will be taking appointments for browsing, one on one and opening more hours. Everyone, there is a lot of yarn and buttons and notions and supplies in the shop now!

One thing I did over my stay home time was crochet and knit. Actually, I even needlepointed too and I have not done that since BP, before Phil! I knitted and crocheted with cotton yarn having never really been a fan before and I have to say, my eyes are opened! The quality of cottons we have in the shop is extraordinary! I am so excited about them, that I may work with them the rest of what will eventually be a warm summer. If you have not tried cottons, the new cottons, I urge you to check them out. Pretty wonderful stuff.

If you have been knitting, like I have and watching this week's news, I just want to say that the love of craft can unite us, the work of handcraft can center and calm us and we can be the best people we can be. I don't want to sound all mushy and sappy but I love craft. It unites me with people who may not believe or think the way I do. It makes me see another person as a person with kinder, loving eyes and more than anything, taught me compassion while bringing me peace. I wish the same for you.

Watch our FB page for shop updates and as the weather warms and clears, watch for our sale library cart outside. Did I mention we did a lot of cleaning, organizing and purging while we were closed? Well, those items have to be sold at a deep discount. So sad! HAHA! Not! You will love my cart items!

Just a note: Masks are required as is the liberal use of hand sanitizer and only one person at a time in the shop.