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Sunday, October 20, 2019

Knitting free

The last few free knitting advice and help classes have been scheduled with Theresa for the holiday filled months of November and December. This is it! Come get your assistance in finishing your holiday gifts and more on these dates: 

 November 14th - 1 -4

November 21st - 1 -4

December 5th - 1-4

December 12th 1-4

Feel free to just stop in and chat too. We love company and the holidays are the bestest time for friends and company! Watch for upcoming events too. We will be having a yarn sale one of these days and will be selling at steeply discounted prices, our shop samples from 2019.

As always, our bargain bin has plenty to drool over too at markdowns of 40% off or more.

See you soon, my fellow talented DIVAS!