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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'll be here this coming weekend with new jewelry designs and new little paintings and drawings. Please come by, see what I have been up to and say hello. You know this building is literally ON the beach downtown. Get a hotdog at Dogs-A-Foot across the street, have a little picnic in Pope Marine Park next door or on the Wave Viewing Gallery and look at fabulous art and fine craft works when you are all done lunch! Pop on over to Elevated Ice Cream next for a cone and wrap up your afternoon at the wonderful shops downtown and then onto a terrific dinner. See you soon. ( You're welcome, by the way, I love planning someone else's day! )

 Oh, it is such a yarn thing!!! I can not believe it has been so long since I posted here. I have not been slacking but have been kept very busy with yarn and bead dealings. We have a fabulous collection of beautiful yarns in for your summer knitting and crocheting pleasures. Personally, on the warm summer evenings I like to sit in my porch glider rocker and knit until the sun heads very low in the sky. I can decompress and dream of life, friends, family and all the good things still remaining in the country.

I am planning my holiday knitting right now and thinking of the things I want to make. Socks. Hats. Scarves. Baby jackets. I have met new people and have new people in my family that I can now knit for! I like making new friends and I like knitting for new friends.

In the back hall, we have an awesome clearance display that right now has a great selection of Be Sweet yarns at 40% off the original price. I love using this yarn for mitten cuffs, carry along and scarves.

We are open daily 10: 30 to 5:00 and hope to see you soon! XO