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Saturday, February 3, 2024


 Somewhere out there in cyber space floats the blog posting I began a few minutes ago... someday I hope to become more masterful in how I use technology. Then there is the other side of me who says, I like people, meeting customers in the shop, face to face, in real life, in a real store with really touchable merchandise and interesting conversation and crafters and fiber lovers. I hope we never lose any of this part of our world.

Anyhow, we are mid way between winter's dark days and the spring equinox, I can feel the air being more alive, colorful. I feel inspired in what I see and as I wait for more yarn shipments in DIVA YARN, I am dreaming of warm afternoons on my front porch or at the picnic tables across from my shop, right on the beach and knitting, conversing, feeling at peace with the world around me and expressing gratitude for all of this out into the heavens. Happy almost there spring!

PS - Of course I have to have a picture of my model, the ever patient Lucas showing off my favorite cotton scarf. See you soon!

PS. _ we are on line at FB, Instagram and diva yarn.com. www.divayarn.com Call us at 360-385-4844, pst.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Also at DIVA YARN!

 Just a quick pop in to wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous 2024 and to say a heart felt thank you for being our customer. We hope to see even more of you in this new year and have some exciting things coming up as we return to the brighter, lighter, warmer time of the year. 

We also carry fabrics in Diva, in the lobby, and recently received a bunch of the Bali cotton batiks in. These are 100% cotton and available by both yardage and in the fat quarters that we all love. I call fat quarters my instant dinner napkins. No fuss, no muss, just use them as is after removing the price tag first. Wink wink...

Aren't they pretty and inspiring? Happy New Creative Year!

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Pre Holiday Busy Times

 As you probably do too, I knit and crochet throughout the year and then when it comes time for gift giving, especially at the holidays, I reach under the bed for my work done box, and pull out the past year's projects. They are all finished under there and I carefully lay them out and figure who I was thinking of as I created them. I think love is put into every stitch and I usually have someone on my mind as I create. How about you? I am also content at this time of the year to come up with a couple - few new projects too for the friends that I do not have to pop something in the mail them. 

I also love making stitch markers and think of my customers purchasing them and adding them into a gift of yarn or books or... This past summer, customers bought the stitch markers and then headed over to my bead shop where they purchased chains to wear them as necklaces! What a great idea! A simple, yet quality and classy gift for someone. Here are my newest stitch markers made with new Czech glass beads. ($ 3.95 each) and I am happy to have you order them to be mailed too. Give the shop a call at 360-385-4844 or www.divayarn940@gmail.com. I can even text you a picture of what is in the velvet box with other designs. Want them as earrings? That has been popular too. Let me know and I will attach ear wires.

Finally, here is quick look at our roving corner with some gorgeous new colors. Hmmm... I think I need to felt up some tree ornaments for the holiday. Happy Knitting, my fellow Diva and friends! 

Saturday, November 4, 2023

Is this Diva?

 I posted a truly fun blog post to Diva but it went to charmsbylois.blogspot.com. Check it out until I figure out how to move it!🍁☀️

Sunday, July 2, 2023

It is Later Than I Thought - thank you!

 July 2nd, 2023

Months and months have gone by since I last wrote on this blog. A creative journey indeed. The shop, Wynwoods Gallery & Studio in Port Townsend, Washington is now in its 32nd year and I love my shop as much as the day that the idea for it popped into my head.

The two men that helped me along the way to begin this journey have passed away. Jack Hirsch and Gary Lindheimer. Partners in life and the business, Great Expectations, that I shared retail space with. A little 12 x 12 or was it 14 x 14 back room on the left behind their big store that was filled with wondrous things. I think of them often. Of their kindness, their creativity, their hosts plant business, their amazing home, and Gary's ribald humor. Oh, but he enjoyed making me blush right up to the day that he said something and my comeback left him speechless. Something about a seagull and its mating practices. Although I don't remember the actual words I said, I am still smiling at the memory. I laughed myself silly that day and many days after.

The journey to today has been fun, full of decisions and adventure, friendship and making things. Conversations  with customers, several of whom have become some of my closest friends. Sharing how to info with fellow business owners and the best part? Meeting my husband in my tiny shop and beginning a new life with him. It has been an astounding, broadening journey.

Mostly I feel satisfied but still pursuing creativity and making a living from my craft and art. Ever since I was just a little girl, on boring long summer days out of school; I would turn to my mother and say, " I just want to make something. What should I make?" She would look at me and answer, " anything you want. " 

That was the answer I needed and it has guided my life all these days and years. Thank you to my mom. What this has also taught me is that when you speak or say something, you never truly realize how your words will live on, an inspiration or encouragement to others. I have always tried to do the same with the people I meet. I encourage people to be creative, a you can do it talk when they say in my shop, " Oh, I couldn't. " Yes, you can. When a parent leans down to a child and says you can not make that, you can not have the bead or charm they have been drawn to, I remind that parent that creativity should never be squashed or shut down. Let the kid be inspired and excited! Endless mid summer afternoons can inspire hearty creative energy in a bored or lonely child or teenager.

I have loved everything about my shop. Well, maybe except the high rent but then.... This is not to say there have not been times when I have felt discouraged, worn down, weary. It is those days that the conversation with my late best friend, Howard Lampe, reverberates in my head as he would say with a firmness feigned in his voice, " Lois, go to your studio and paint. " He was right, that push was all I'd need. Love and miss Howard fiercely. 

PS - I still paint. I will always paint and draw and sew and hammer and saw and ..... thank you! 

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Ha! This is embarrassing! I have not written on this blog in nearly a year. I am making an early resolution right now to do better in 2023 to post more. I wish I were computer proficient but alas and alack; I am most certainly not. If only Santa could drop a computer wizard into my stocking...a little guy or gal that could pop out now and again as I struggle to keep up with things on line. I like being in my shop. Seeing people face to face... having actual conversations... offering help and advice. It is a people business not a cold hard screen and keyboard business. I will do better. 2023 dawns a new year and a better outlook for all of us. Take care my fellow fiber enthusiasts and have the happiest of holidays however you choose to spend them. XO Lois

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Still Here!

 Yes, we are still at DIVA and as soon as I figure out how to get pictures from my phone to this laptop; I plan on posting photos of my finished pieces and all the goings on around the shop. Spring yarns begin arriving this month as well as scads of buttons. I did go a bit crazy buying buttons this year. It is still early in 2022 but buttons, new buttons at that, just made me happy! 

I am going to keep this short and say we will be open tomorrow, Thursday from 11 -5. The evenings are still cold, dark and often wet so fiber projects are a terrific thing to have about. I have knitting projects, crochet work and needlepoint canvases by my chair in the living room to work on while watching Netflix.  

See you soon at the shop and in the meantime, take care of yourself and be well. Lois

PS - we do require you to wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth when you are in the shop. Happy Knitting! Happy Crocheting! Happy Needlepointing! Happy whatever work you are doing for fun!