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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Saturday night, December 7th was Gallery Walk in town along with the community tree lighting and the arrival of Santa. It was an exceptionally cold night was temperatures in the teens. Crowd turn out was small but welcomed and in between customers in my gallery ( the 940 Gallery ), I knit. Determination is my middle name these days as I strive to make new things from new yarn for the shop and also to finish some of the projects that fill my work basket by the chair in the living room. I am making progress and last night finds me knitting on a baby afghan in cotton that I began years ago, a shameful admission. What sorts of things are you working on? These knitted projects may not turn into gifts this Christmas but they will be ready for next Christmas or a birthday here and there! I am going to snuggle tonight under my fake lamb's wool blanket and knit on this cold winter's evening.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The days are definitely shorter and this week, much colder. Temperatures that have my teeth chattering make me take out all my knitting, especially those unfinished projects and begin on them again. Maybe I should say begin to finish them again. I like to snuggle in my favorite chair, put my feet up, watch a television show or movie, and knit away a couple of hours.

This was my Thanksgiving Day knitting.

The shop is loaded with new yarn, felt kits, new book titles and new needles. It was so difficult to control myself when it came to purchasing all the fall and winter yarns. I loved this one's color, the softness of that one, the texture of this one, the amazing patterns for the yarn over there.... and on it went just buying my favorites until we were bursting at our seams. 
New Yarn!
The shop is all warm and cozy and inviting you to browse through the patterns and fondle all the yarn. Bring your latest project in, we would love to see it. Come sit a bit and knit a few rows. let us know what you hope to see for - dare I say it? - spring! Surely as we approach the shortest day of the year, we are all looking forward to spring and the lovely days that lie ahead. 

This Saturday at Diva there will be a trunk show and special sale of my friend Jane Shreven's buttons during Gallery Walk. We will stay open late, until 8 and display her buttons along with some of the holiday knitting we have done for the shop. Come in and join us! Now, as for me, it is back to knitting on that baby afghan. Have a wonderful, warm evening this fine winter's night.