Friday, March 8, 2019

A Nearly Spring Weekend

Winter is perhaps losing its grip on town this weekend and although it is below freezing tonight; tomorrow is supposed to be a balmy 43 degrees! How wonderful! There has been the barest of hints of spring arriving: birds gathering and singing, primroses are popping up, the air smells sweet, adventurous and Lucas runs through the yard like a mad dog, remembering where he last saw rabbits in the summer of 2018.

Tonight finds me cold, writing this blog, my knitting on the table beside me. The house is quiet save for the fireplace video on the television. I saved the Yule Log that comes once a year at Christmas time on the satellite. Certainly is a lot easier to maintain a fire this way!

This is my knitting project, a simple scarf of Bouton d’Or, Made In France ( mais oui ) of 60% alpaca and 40% wool. It looks like what we used to call a rag wool but oh, it is such a sweet, fine yarn and my friend, Howard is going to love it.

This yarn s available in three colorways in Diva at $15.20 a skein and I can mail it to you. ( 360-385-4844, daily 11-5, closed Tuesdays or www.divayarn940@ )

Now my other little “ addiction ” - knitting bags. I swear, each of my projects needs its own bag for carrying about and this one was made by Virginia King in Port Townsend, two years ago. I purchased it because I love the vintage look bark cloth and carefully stashed it away until a week ago. The bag reminds me that spring truly is coming and the bright yellow interior makes me smile.
Now the evening is ending and tomorrow begins with sunshine. So sweet dreams!

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