Tuesday, January 6, 2015

knitting as meditation

Now that I have this little heart condition that I try not to think about at all hours, everyday, I reach more and more for my knitting to keep me distracted and calm. I need it. trying to figure out doctors and cardiologists and clinics and tests, wears me out so that I am most happy sitting and knitting a bit. I have even been picking up a crochet hook from time to time.

Oh, I make plenty of things and jewelry for the bead shop and I am always doing things for the yarn shop  too but knitting; knitting is the dessert on my day. Something I do just for me. I might make a swatch for the shop, but knitting is something just for me. I like to make gifts. Little hats and socks and mittens and scarves. I am going to keep doing this knitting thing, this meditation with my hands, this breathing in and out of fiber. It seems pretty healthy to me!

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