Sunday, August 28, 2016

Cooler Daze!

The weather, which for me is not my summertime friend when it is in the 90's, has finally turned a bit cooler, grayer, misty and quiet. The sun is gone in all its blazing hotness from the sky. I want summer to be done. I have had my share of warm days and outside fun but fall is calling and I want to be in making things, knitting. My garden and porch flowerpots want to selfishly use any spare time I have.

I picked up some yarn recently at the yarn store in Tillamook and it is next on my knitting wait list. It is a hand dyed fiber of 100% merino. I think it will make a lovely hat for one of my gorgeous granddaughters or maybe some mittens or a pair of gloves.

Next up on my list is to see if this yarn crafter will allow me to stock her yarn in the shop. I'll be checking in with her next week. Right now, it is back to the studio and spending a wee bit of time organizing all things non bead and non yarn. How do ribbon, fabric, sequins and other fine treasures seem to seed themselves and grow into bigger collections? The creative mind is never quiet. Thankfully!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Hello, poor neglected Diva blog. How could I post a bit and then send you out into the cold with no other posts to show? I would, if I could, show you some recent knitting but since I hurt my arm - ow - I have not actually knit anything! My yarn shop has many new things and each space is filled with amazing colored yarns and fibers and textures! Get that knitting on! Pull out that crochet bag from deep in the hall closet and begin again the project you so long ago dreamed of finishing.

Add to your stash our collection of Czech glass buttons or resin buttons from Jake. We have clever tape measures to place in your knitting bag that are sure to make you look like the world's hippest knitter. We have embroidered knitting bags that we have lusted for in deep jewel colors and intricate patterns of leaves and flowers. Samples line the shelves to inspire that muse inside you long forgotten when you went to the grocery store for the thousandth time.

We are here. In the shop. Waiting. Just waiting for you to begin a fiber lust again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In the summer heat, my brain is fried and can not concentrate on anything remotely resembling an actual knitting pattern so I knit swatches for the shop. Simple square and rectangular swatches from the new yarn. I get to fondle and play with the yarn and I think someday I will crochet all the swatches together and get an afghan from a pile of fun squares!
not a swatch but a sock ( heel to be done this fall )

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Summer knitting is here! I am able to knit while sitting in the new lawn chairs on my front porch. I am not too hot, yet or too cold! Perfect!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Spring seems to be arriving daily with brilliant splashes of color on blooming trees and flowers. Now that the days are longer and sunlight lasts well into the evening, we have extended the hours at Diva. As for me, I am ordering yarn and buttons and roving and falling in love daily with new fibers. I can't help myself! Some people garden in early spring, me, I like to shop for yarn and beads. I hope to see you in the store and remember you can drop in any time and knit or crochet or embroider or .... at our center table!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I did get to sit in the Tucson desert warmth and knit by my hotel's pool. For half an hour, I felt like I was on vacation! I came thisclose to finishing one of the three projects I carried with me. Mostly I knit in bed at night until I fell asleep. Now that I am home, it is time to get all the new merchandise out in the shop. Buttons, pearl cotton, wool, yarn and more - galore !

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Knitting, knitting, knitting. It is now my mantra and comfort. Meditation and relaxation. It completes the circle of my day as I spend even just a few moments knitting on my current project. It is friendship and comfort as I curl in my arm chair, feet up, tv or music playing and unwind from my day as my yarn unwinds on my needles.

Now, I need to search through my knitting basket and the shop and chose projects for my road trip. I think choosing what to knit is almost as much fun as thinking about my trip!